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Repeating Tawjihi to fulfill my dream

The details of our home mean a lot to me; it’s the walls that I grew up around, it’s the first place I saw light, the yard I played in and where my dreams developed. During the war our home was demolished and we were forced to move and accommodate into a new house with smaller space. Even though it did not feel like home I knew my father was exhausting himself and doing everything he could to keep us all safe. 

As the days passed I received a distinction for my GPA, but it wasn’t enough for me to enter Dentistry. So I repeated Tawjihi in order to get a higher GPA and I did, not only did I get a 96% but I was also able to attend the university of my childhood dreams. For the past three years I wake up every day and  happily travel 80 km back and forth from Rafah to the university I love. 

Rami Alhams, 22 years old, Rafah

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