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Reach Education Fund (REF)

REF is a 501c3 nonprofit organization established in 2014 to reach, educate and inspire distinguished students in Palestine.

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Reach Education Fund seeks to identify Palestinian students in the West Bank and Gaza who possess remarkable character, drive, passion, and a commitment to contribute positively to their communities and the world.


Meet our 2019/2020 Scholarship Winners

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When registration opens ?

Registration opens on the same day of the announcement of the Tawjihi (high school exit exam) results.

High school applicants

Must excel academically (Minimum GPA of 95%).

College applicants

Minimum high school GPA of 95% and college GPA of 90%

How to help

Donations may be made by credit card or through PayPal on the website or mail your check or money order to:

Reach Education Fund

11408 S. Harlem Ave

Worth IL 60482

project manager

You & I

Walid Mizyed


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Eight years ago, I was one of 10 students chosen by UNRWA to resemble Palestine during a visit to South …

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