Diplomas Released

For The Following Students

Thousands of Palestinian students have finished the requirements to graduate from universities but they were not able to because of their financial needs.
Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Reach Education Fund and Baitulmaal. Our joint initiative has allowed hundreds of students to graduate from universities, marking a significant milestone in their educational journeys.

Program Impact:

In January 2022, 284 deserving students successfully completed their university requirements and received their diplomas.  Following this triumph, an additional 214 students benefited from our program in July 2022, and in August 2023, 326 more students achieved their academic goals, bringing the total number of beneficiaries to 824.

Continued Support:

The success of our initiative hinges on the generosity of our supporters. With their unwavering backing, over 1600 students have been able to access educational opportunities that were once beyond their financial reach. These inspiring stories underscore the transformative impact of collective support in unlocking the potential of Palestinian youth.