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Eveline Ladadwah: University Life Has Helped Me Recover from Social Alienation

After I graduated high school two years ago with an GPA of 96.5%, I could not help but hear people all around me saying, “Is she really thinking about joining university? She will get lost, and she will probably be nothing but a burden on her family and friends. It would be much better for everyone if she just stayed home.” Although those words seemed heavy on my heart, I never stepped back. Those words only made me stronger. Yes, I am blind, and no, no one has the right to judge me or decide for me.

I enrolled in Birzeit University with utter confidence and specialized in English language. I have always been interested in simultaneous interpretation, different literature, and cultures. Joining university helped me recover from the social alienation I faced before; I got to know some wonderful friends and participated in various activities. I could have never taken my first steps in this marvelous journey without the help of Reach Education Fund. Not only did it provide me with full scholarship, but it also allowed me to be part of an educational trip to the United States, which influenced me in every possible way.

I am well known to be a very determined person; if I had something in mind, I absolutely do it. For that, I started reciting and memorizing Qur’an ever since I was a child, and recently I managed to fully memorize it, and let me tell you, this has been the best thing that ever happened to me!

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