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Eljourani: Education is the Strongest Sword for Women

As an attempt to afford our pocket money, my father put a swing in front of our simple house. He is my source of pride; even though he has been out of work for long time now, he does his best to fulfil our ambitions. I grew up in Jabalia refugee camp among my family which consists of 4 daughters and two sons. This is my youngest sibling who, I am proud to say, considers me her role model in life. We both promised ourselves to do everything we can to help our family to recover from this prevailing financial problem.

During high school, I worked day and night to get an excellent GPA to join the faculty of medicine. I deeply struggled. I endured the stinky smells coming from the nearby dumpsters; I had to cope with the noises of the daily football matches held in front of my house. But I never gave up; by the end of the year, I got 99%, and thanks to Reach Education Fund, I managed to start my academic journey studying medicine at AlAzhar University. As for my sister, she finished her high school from the scientific stream with a GPA of 97.9% and also granted a full scholarship from Reach Education Fund.

I believe that education is the strongest sword for all women. It is the essence and first step towards a great life.

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