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Noha AlAfifi: I Do Not Believe in What Is Called “The Hierarchy of Fields”

I graduated high school from the scientific stream with a GPA of 99.2%, and, to everyone’s surprise, I started studying English Literature at the Islamic University of Gaza. I was criticized by lots of people; how could someone with such a high GPA study English in favor of the stereotypical hierarchy of scientific fields! I did not pay any attention to what they said as I was over the clouds that I will finally study the thing I love. I don’t believe in what is called “the hierarchy of fields”; as long as you are following your ambition and desire, you are on the right track. What encouraged me the most is that I was overwhelmed with my parents’ support with whatever decision I take. Undoubtedly, being a part of Reach Education Fund family made me even more determined. I am now on my third year at university. I managed to get all excellent marks throughout my last two years and, therefore, managed to be the first on my class.

I want to be a source of change for children when it comes to English teaching. I aim at spreading creativity and love for English as a language they would use to communicate with others not only a subject for school.

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