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Tasneem Isa: I Am the Daughter of the Simple Stall Seller, and I am Proud

One day when I was younger, I was visiting my friend at her house. Her father asked me about the name of my father, and I remember answering him with eyes full of pride. However, his response shattered my heart; he addressed his daughter saying that he knew my father. He described him with such words that meant he was not a worthy man, that he no education or job. I was heavyhearted to hear such things as I knew who my father truly is. I am a proud daughter of that simple stall seller, who works day and night at the camp to provide his family a living, and to raise and educate them.

Throughout my life, we stayed without a shelter for a while as we could not find a proper house. However, when I started high school two years ago, I was determined to get the average I aspire. For that, I worked constantly and spent my sleepless nights studying while dealing with psychological stress. The big day finally came, and it was time for my result to come out. I was awakened by father’s continuous concerned phone calls and my mother’s nervous answers. The moment that everyone was waiting for approached as my mother got a text message. Because my mother is not very well-educated, she spent a couple of minutes before she could recognize my GPA from the text message. When we knew I got 97.4%, everyone was overfilled with excitement: my mother started  ululating all over the camp, and my father Distribute sweets!

I was delighted to be able to join Al Najah university to study medical imaging. Despite my family’s bad financial circumstances, Reach Education Fund helped me to fulfil this dream. This is my third year at university, and I have been the first on my class for the past two years. A very memorable recent moment for me in which my heart was filled with please was when my professor called me and said, “You are one-of-a-kind, Tasneem! Once again, you are the first on your class.”

I love my faculty as I believe it is the essence of medicine. You can never proceed in any treatment without doing diagnostic imaging first. My dream is to improve the lives of not only my family but the whole world, as well.


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