Reach Education Fund

Success Story of a REF Student

Razan: I Did Not Take Tutoring Lessons

In high school I obtained a GPA of 98.1% in the scientific branch and it was a very extraordinary time in my life. During that time I chose not to take private tutoring lessons as I wanted to challenge myself more than anything. Being chaired as student parliament at the Gaza Strip level helped build a stronger character while enhancing my communication, development and networking skills. I represented my country, Palestine, at many local and international conferences, meetings and forums. I represented the children of Gaza. This experience gave me the love and passion to become a Pediatrician and I knew what my purpose, my dream was. I began working more with children as I began volunteering at different community activities.

I was born into a family that values science and education, my father was keen on educating my siblings and I. Being accepted into Medical school, although a great pleasure is also a great burden for a family living under the difficult conditions in the Gaza Strip. Which is what led me to apply to the scholarship program offered by Reach Education Fund, hoping it meant that I did not have to give up on my dream. Finding out I got accepted into their program was the happiest moment of my life, even happier than the time Tawjihi results were released. Not only does this organization cover tuition costs, but they also give you the opportunity to enhance your skills and develop new ones with the activities they offer which is exactly what I wanted. I just finished my first semester of Medical school and I am beyond thrilled of the different accomplishments and goals I’ve achieved this semester.

Razan Aldaboos, 18 years old, Gaza