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Sha’et: My dream being a doctor

As a child I’ve always pictured myself in scrubs, growing up one day and becoming an incredible doctor that would help others and ease their hardships. Despite finishing Tawjihi with a GPA of 98%, I felt as if I was in a hospital room fighting for my life: would I fight and continue forward or give in and accept becoming a memory. My financial situation created a challenge for me, either I would go into Medical school or would be forced to change my major and my dream. During this time I began applying to different universities and slowly felt my dreams slipping out of my hands.

I then learned about Reach Education Fund and the scholarship program they offered and so I applied, as many others did. I remember the exact moment when the organization called, letting me know I was accepted into their program. Not only was I granted a scholarship that would take care of all my fees and tuition during Medical school, but I was granted the opportunity to follow my dream. I am proud of myself and only hope that every student, male or female, strives to achieve their goals despite the challenges that they may face. That they are reminded that the sky is our only limit. And if you want success as much as you want air while you’re drowning then you will succeed.

Taj Al-Deen Sha’et, 20 years old, Gaza

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