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Qabaja: A family of educated Palestinians

I come from a humble family that believes education is life, making life a little more challenging. Coming from a family of eight brothers and sisters, four of my siblings are studying to be Dermatologists at Al-Quds University and I am the fifth child inspired to pursue her education. All I’ve ever wanted and dreamed was to step foot in Medical school, through my self-perseverance and initiative to strive for the best. I graduated high school with a 97.1% in the scientific branch. Fortunately I was able to join the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Quds Abu Dis University and this was only the beginning of a challenging ending. 

Fate made it happen, I became part of another family, Reach Education Fund, and I have been part of this family for four years. One of the greatest coincidences was that this organization represents Palestinian students in the United States of America and I was chosen to be one of those students. Throughout this experience, many have learned the true meaning of patience, sacrifice and adherence to the Palestinian cause. 

Yahya Qabaja, 22 years old, Al-Khalil

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