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The youngest college graduate in my class

Rather than preoccupying myself with where I am now, I have always chosen to focus on the next phase of my journey. I remember the path I took walking from my home to the school I loved knowing I was a step further to achieving my dreams and gaining knowledge. When I graduated high school, I graduated with a GPA of 97.7% and carried my hopes and dreams as I entered university. I wanted to start my first semester right, mastering every skill, every piece of information my university offered. My hard work paid off once I got the results I wanted and even got recognition from my university for my grades. 

Within the greatest and most challenging days of my college experience I became part of another community, another family: Reach Education Fund. The scholarship has given me more drive, perseverance and significance. I am now an accounting student in my final semester, I am also the youngest graduate from my university and the youngest accountant. I also plan on enrolling in the Master’s program and majoring in Business Management with hopes to be the youngest Business manager.

Rawan Kameel, 20 years old, Jineen

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