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Abu Jazar: How my brother inspired me to learn sign language

Musa entered this world twelve years ago without being able to hear or speak. Despite the obvious differences, I knew he was no ordinary child his curiosity, his passion, his will. Musa is not only my brother, but my best friend as well. Not only did he teach me sign language, but he introduced me to another world, he beautified the world before my eyes. Once he started going to school he would tell me what it meant to him to learn the English language which made me love the language. So I decided to learn English in sign language to bridge the gap for Musa and the deaf community. 

I graduated Tawjihi with a GPA of 97.7% and began looking for a scholarship, as my father did not have the income to support my first semester in college. I applied to receive a scholarship from Reach Education Fund and was not only given the opportunity to receive a scholarship, but was given the opportunity to be part of another family. Reach Education Funds family. Currently, I travel a great distance to attend my university, but I am beyond happy to be able to finally attend the university of my choosing despite the harsh circumstances. 

Hanadi Abu Jazar, 19 years old, Gaza

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