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Eshtway: My education would have come to an end without this scholarship

 I grew up in an impressive household, my siblings and I were ranked the first of our classes in school. My father worked hard and long hours day and night for us, but what really exhausted him was the debt and cost of living. He knew that the degrees my siblings and I would achieve were a door to joy and pride would diminish our difficulties and suffering. I’ve wanted to be a doctor ever since I was a child and worked hard in high school to get a GPA of 98.8%. 

Despite my high GPA I was not offered any scholarships and began researching different Medical schools to apply to. I was given an opportunity at a critical time and was able to study Medicine for two semesters before hearing about Reach Education Fund. However, the deadline for registration had passed and I was asked to wait until the following year. I had to make sure I worked hard enough to get the GPA that would help change my life.

My fate was unknown – would I continue going to school or would I be forced to stop? Fortunately, my sister and I were both granted a scholarship from Reach Education Fund. I’ll never forget the day the organization visited me in person to let me know I was granted the scholarship that would help me pursue my education. Here I am today, in my fourth year, ready for the world to see the difference I’ll make. 

Khalid Eshtway, 21 years old, Qalqelee

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