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Alhabil: My dream of easing pain

In the sixth grade I got a low grade in English and it opened my eyes to make a change. I began working on my weaknesses in English and other subjects and earned a GPA of 93%. As for high school, I graduated with a GPA of 98.2%. When I got my results tears of joy ran down my face as I praised Allah almighty, knowing my dream was turning into a reality as I would be able to attend the university that I love. It has always been a dream of mine to help ease people’s pain and to be a cornerstone in the development of the health industry for my beloved Gaza. 

I was able to enroll in Medical school but was faced with different challenging circumstances and difficulties. After two years, my dream, my medical career was at threat due to my financial situation. During this time I discovered the opportunities offered by Reach Education Fund and applied to their scholarship program. Thankfully, I was granted the scholarship and able to finish my third year in Medicine. Throughout this time, I’ve learned more than what my university offered – it showed me the miracle of hope and faith. There is no doubt that this is a blessing that can only be distinguished by dreamers who have faith in God and the path He has chosen for us.

Belal Alhabil, 21 years old, Gaza

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