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Noor Al-Yaqeen: I want to make a difference in disease control

My introduction into this world wasn’t an easy process, my mother suffered a lot during her pregnancy and I was born seven months in. The story and suffering my mother encountered had a great impact on me and I chose to use my life to learn and benefit from those around me. I started school at a younger age than my peers and through the constant support my mother gave me I graduated high school with a GPA of 97.6%. 

I was always interested in immune diseases and decided to enter Pharmacy school. I could have gone to Medical school instead but I aspire to be a pharmaceutical researcher in the near future. I hope to make a difference and be paid for something new in the field involving immune disease control and treatment. During my first year I applied to the scholarship program offered by Reach Education Fund but was not fortunate in my first application, in addition to my second and third. I began working on different ways to enhance my skills and development in hope to get the opportunity to be part of their family. Thankfully, I succeeded in the fourth year and my dream came true. Despite the amount of time it took, the experience made me stronger and taught me to never give up.

Noor Al-Yaqeen Al-Najar, 20 years old, Gaza

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