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Rimaz: Reach Education Fund Paved the Way for My Education Journey

When I was just three years old, my father passed away. We felt very empty inside; he was such a great caring father. He loved all his five daughters and worked his best to provide them with a perfect life. However, after a couple of days of his loss, my mother left us and went far away. My aunt took care of us wholeheartedly; she refused to get married for our sake. She treated us as her daughters and was our source of strength.

When I was in kindergarten, my friends used to brag about presents they got from their parents. Being afraid of sympathy, I had to lie and tell them the same about my parents.

However, in my last year of high school, I hit the books hard. My aunt believed in me, encouraged me, and was my companion in all my sleepless nights. When it was time for the results, I did not get mine immediately. I nervously started crying thinking that there had been a mistake with the results. Finally, a family friend called and delivered the happy news that I have gotten 98.3%!

Nonetheless, our financial situation started deteriorating afterwards. I got depressed just thinking that I might not get the proper education that I dreamt of. However, when I first heard of Reach Education Fund, I was full of hope once again. I immediately fill the form and sent it. some weeks later, I got accepted; that was the best thing that happened with me. I enrolled into AlAzhar university and eagerly started studying. I am now on my second year, I have gotten all excellent marks, and I am the first on my class.

No words can describe how grateful I am for my aunt. Thanks to her, all my four sisters have graduated university, and one of them is even doing her master degree.

I aim at being an important figure in my society; I want to leave a mark in this world and be a guidance for people throughout their journeys.

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