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Mohammed Abu Al-Rob:  Reach Education Fund Has Drastically Improved My Life

When I was 10, my father got released from Israeli prisons. My younger brother, Hammam, and I managed our time between our school and farming. Our bodies were too fragile to handle all this burden; however, we had no other choice. After all his years in prison, our father was left with nothing but diabetes and renal failure; we promised to always stay by his side. During my school years, I have always been a high achiever. I would never forget how confident and proud I felt when my science teacher praised me in front of the whole class after getting the highest mark.

During high school, my family’s financial situation got even worse. I started seeing everyone around me taking private lessons while I could not afford a single one. All those sleepless nights turned me upside down to the extent that I could no longer recognize myself. I even spent the night of Eid hitting the books. I did not mind my exhaustion; I was driven by my ambition to become a well-known computer engineer. At the end of the year, all my efforts payed off as I got 96.9%. No words can describe my family’s feeling of rejoice. My father’s words still echo in my mind when, while shedding tears of happiness, he told me: “We support you with whatever you want to study.” I started looking for a scholarship in computer engineering, but it was much harder than I thought. I was almost drained of all hope until my cousin called me to tell me about Reach Education Fund scholarship which is concerned with excellent students facing difficult living conditions. I applied for the scholarship and started convincing myself that I deserve it. A week later, while farming, I got a phone call confirming my acceptance. Words left me; I felt that I have finally seen the light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Thanks to Reach Education Fund, I am now in my fourth year of studying Computer Engineering at the American University. throughout my three previous years, I managed to maintain all excellent grades and built outstanding relations with my friends and teachers. The opportunity that Reach Education Fund granted me made me aware of my practical life. Now, I aim at working in one of the major companies, and save my family from its disastrous living conditions.


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