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Dalya and her quick calculative skills

Two years ago I graduated high school with a GPA of 96% but I didn’t know which I wanted to major in. I aspired to be a dentist, yet my family’s income would not be able to support my dream so I majored in Business instead. I then decided to apply for a scholarship from Reach Education Fund. I remember the exact moment I received my letter of acceptance, I couldn’t fight back all the tears of joy – it was truly the most beautiful and happiest time of my life. I was able to develop a lot of skills, including the skill of rapid calculation, skills that rely on both intelligence and accuracy. I began passing these skills on to a group of students, and realized I was building something with them as I was teaching them. These skills will pass on from generation to generation and will benefit many. 

Dalya, 19 years old, Gaza

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