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A different source of light – candles and phones

My mother was in a hurry to grow up and finish her education, but did not further her education past junior high. Despite her brilliance and abilities, there were compelling circumstances that stopped her from pursuing her dreams. She wanted her children to accomplish the things she was refrained from, and made sure we were raised with the love and drive to pursue our education regardless of any circumstances. Even with the loud racket coming from outside, poor candle lighting and small workspace, I made sure I worked through every obstacle in order to get the results I wanted. 

Through these circumstances, I was able to get a GPA of 96%. In addition, my hard work paid off as I was able to choose my major and which university to attend because of the scholarship provided by Reach Education Fund. During this time I am researching my graduation and I am beyond excited to graduate. Just like every other girl living in Gaza, undergoing all of these difficult and harsh circumstances is one of the greatest Jihad to experience. However, all of this suffering helps create hard-working, successful people. People that are ready to change their surroundings for the better and I hope to be one of those people. 

Noor Al-bina, 22 years old, Gaza

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