Reach Education Fund



Along with the scholarship program, Reach provides mentorship, guidance, and support to aid the students with the resources needed for internships, job placement, career counseling, and much more.

Leadership and Team Building

+30 Students Got Professional Training on Leadership & Team Building Skills

Professional CV Writing

+150 students are now able to write their competitive CV while they avoid the most common mistakes!


+27 student increased their knowledge about online crowdfunding platforms and content writing

Online Training

On a periodic basis, Reach Education Fund hosts professional speakers and highly qualified trainers through its online platforms. Thousands benefit from these sessions..

The Summer Academic Success Project (SASP)

The Summer Academic Success Project (SASP) is an initiative to enhance Palestinian students’ access to quality educational opportunities abroad.

Implemented between May 27th and August 6th, 2020. SASP gave opportunities to 40 college, seniors, and recent graduates from the Gaza Strip and  West Bank who benefited from the group training, workshops, and individual mentorship sessions.


edX Initiative

EdX initiative aims to enable refugees to access high-quality online education through edX’s vouchers. EdX is a trusted platform for education and learning. Founded by Harvard and MIT. More than 20 million learners are benefiting from this platform.

In partnership with Global Shapers, Community Hubs in Gaza. Reach Education Fund will offer 90 vouchers to its students and alumni who meet the initiative’s criteria.