The Ideal Scholar:

Reach Education Fund aids eligible Palestinian high school students in the West Bank and Gaza who:

  • Possess remarkable strength of character;
  • A passion to succeed;
  • A willingness to work hard;
  • A commitment to give back to their community;
  • Will make a significant contribution to society and humanity in their own communities and the entire world.

REF applicants will go through a rigorous application, interview and selection process. The reward of being selected for our program is the opportunity to obtain a four year college education, complete with financial and personal support throughout their college journey. This scholarship opportunity is far more than a scholarship and is designed to help the student achieve success in college and beyond. Reach provides mentoring, guidance, and support to guide the student along the way, as well as lifelong relationships that will aid the student with resources needed for internships, job placement, career counseling, and much more. Our mission is to work hand in hand with students to accelerate their success.
Applicants must excel academically (Minimum GPA of 95%), possess exceptional leadership skills, participate in community service activities and demonstrate financial need. Applicants are selected right after the declaration of the Tawjihi grades. Finalists will be selected by our representatives and are selected based on their application, interview and participation in the required activities.