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Reach Education Fund seeks to identify Palestinian high school students in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon who possess remarkable character, drive, passion, and a commitment to contribute positively to their communities, and the world.  Learn More

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Education can be a vital tool to ensure peace, stability, and prosperity. Palestinian students have been deprived of pursuing their academic dreams due to political unrest and financial difficulties. Those Palestinian students who have had the opportunity to further their education have excelled. It is Reach Education Fund’s mission to give qualified students a chance for a brighter future. Providing students with the opportunity to achieve their academic goals not only betters the student, but the world at large.  Learn More

To reach, educate, and inspire Palestinian students by aiding in their educational, personal, and professional development through scholarship and mentorship

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من المقرر أن تُطلق مؤسسة ريتش اديوكيشن فند نشاطاً رياضيًا بالثالث عشر من (أغسطس/آب) لهذا العام، موسومًا تحت اسم (Run4Palestine-Reach4Education). وسينطلق بأكثر من (20 مدينه) في العالم، ومن أبرز المدن المشاركة في هذا النشاط، هي: “رام الله، غزه، دالاس، سان انتونيو، شيكاغو، فيلادلفيا، أتلانتا وفوز دي اجواسو البرازيليه.” ويهدف النشاط …

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