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Israa : I Started Studying Human Rights and Promised Myself to Always Help the Oppressed

70 km back and forth is how much it takes me to get to my university every day. My house lies on the southernmost, on the Palestinian-Egyptian boarders. Even though this is a daily struggle, it had its influence on my life. After I graduated high school with an average of 96.9%, I was privileged to get a full scholarship from Reach Education Fund. This scholarship allowed me to achieve my dream in studying Human Rights in English language, by which I hope to benefit my society and country. The field that attacks me the most is Women Rights. I have always been concerned with causes of battered, abused women and those who are constantly subjected to violence by their fathers or husbands. I often hear about women who were deprived from their simplest rights, such as education. Therefore, I promised to devote myself and my education for the sake of supporting those in need and deprived.

My family and I witnessed painful times before, during, and after the last Israeli war on Gaza. That war was ill-fated; a nearby house was bombed, and, therefore, our house was severely affected, as well. I was on the edge of losing my family and even myself! Surviving that war meant one major thing to me: I am now stronger, and nothing is going to hinder my journey of becoming a great lawyer. I have a perfect family that supports me with every step I take, and I also belong to this great family of Reach Education Fund.

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