Reach Education Fund is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that offers scholarships to outstanding Palestinian students. Reach Education Fund started working on Palestinian soil in the summer of 2015.
Registration is opens on the same day the high school exit exam results (Tawjehi) are announced.
Reach Education Fund is an independent organization. We are not affiliated with any political nor religious organization.
No, but the scholarships are limited to Palestinian universities.
Reach Education Fund is only licensed to offer its services in Palestine. We are in the process of opening an office in Jordan so we can serve outstanding Jordanian, Palestinian and Syrian students.
The main condition is to have an average of 95% or above. For university students is to have a Tawjehi average of 95% or above and 85% cumulative average in the university.
The target group includes Tawjehi, undergraduate and master’s degree students.
The scholarship is not limited to Tawjehi students graduating this year. It also includes undergraduate students and master’s degree students.
The average required is 95% or above for Tawjehi students and 85% cumulative average for universities.
Reach Education Fund scholarships are not limited to any major.
Reach Education Fund provides its scholarship on most Palestinian universities.
It is permissible for more than one student from the same family to be admitted.
Yes. The master’s degree scholarships are limited to some studies. We will announce them on our social media accounts.
There are several criteria’s that we look for such as the personality of the student, his/her ability to express him/herself, number of family members, number of university students and others.
The financial situation is one of the most important aspects that will be evaluated.
REF does not cover summer classes.
Yes, ss long as the students’ cumulative average is about 85%.
You can request that. The board of directors will evaluate the request.
Funds are paid directly to the university.
We have some activities, but we will have more programs soon.
It is highly recommended to use Arabic.
We receive many applications and it is difficult to visit and interview all the applicants so the video will give us a chance to evaluate student’s abilities and personalities.
Anything you want. Our intention is to know you and your hobbies and abilities through this video.
Including your resume will enhance your chances of being accepted.