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The youngest college graduate in my class

Rather than preoccupying myself with where I am now, I have always chosen to focus on the next phase of my journey. I remember the path I took walking from my home to the school I loved knowing I was a step further to achieving my dreams and gaining knowledge. …

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Abu Jazar: How my brother inspired me to learn sign language

Musa entered this world twelve years ago without being able to hear or speak. Despite the obvious differences, I knew he was no ordinary child – his curiosity, his passion, his will. Musa is not only my brother, but my best friend as well. Not only did he teach me …

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Dalya and her quick calculative skills

Two years ago I graduated high school with a GPA of 96% but I didn’t know which I wanted to major in. I aspired to be a dentist, yet my family’s income would not be able to support my dream so I majored in Business instead. I then decided to …

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Yahya Bakroon: A life changing conversation with my mentor

I neglected my studies, and was not interested in school whatsoever. Since our house was severely damaged from the ongoing bombing, I began to look for work in order to support my family and our home. I almost forgot that I was a student, until I had a conversation with …

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A different source of light – candles and phones

My mother was in a hurry to grow up and finish her education, but did not further her education past junior high. Despite her brilliance and abilities, there were compelling circumstances that stopped her from pursuing her dreams. She wanted her children to accomplish the things she was refrained from, …

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Israa : I Started Studying Human Rights and Promised Myself to Always Help the Oppressed

70 km back and forth is how much it takes me to get to my university every day. My house lies on the southernmost, on the Palestinian-Egyptian boarders. Even though this is a daily struggle, it had its influence on my life. After I graduated high school with an average …

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Walid El-Hout: Voluntary Work Is Undoubtedly a Personal and Social Commitment

Eight years ago, I was one of 10 students chosen by UNRWA to resemble Palestine during a visit to South Africa concerning human rights. During that visit, we got a chance to attend the Spain-Portugal World Cup match. As students from Palestine, BBC interviewed us, and, as expected, the focus …

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Eljourani: Education is the Strongest Sword for Women

As an attempt to afford our pocket money, my father put a swing in front of our simple house. He is my source of pride; even though he has been out of work for long time now, he does his best to fulfil our ambitions. I grew up in Jabalia …

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Noha AlAfifi: I Do Not Believe in What Is Called “The Hierarchy of Fields”

I graduated high school from the scientific stream with a GPA of 99.2%, and, to everyone’s surprise, I started studying English Literature at the Islamic University of Gaza. I was criticized by lots of people; how could someone with such a high GPA study English in favor of the stereotypical …

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