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Ola – The only one amongst her sisters to receive a college education

Amongst my sisters, I am the only one to receive a college education since they all got married at a young age. However, marriage was not my goal. I chose to spend my time pursuing my education. I graduated high school with a distinction and received a distinction in college …

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Mahmoud’s first steps in becoming a Neuroscientist

I graduated high school with a GPA of 98.3% in the scientific branch and received a scholarship from Reach Education Fund. I chose to go to medical school because I needed a field that gave me full energy. It’s a very bold and challenging thing to step foot into medical …

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Noor Al-Yaqeen: I want to make a difference in disease control

My introduction into this world wasn’t an easy process, my mother suffered a lot during her pregnancy and I was born seven months in. The story and suffering my mother encountered had a great impact on me and I chose to use my life to learn and benefit from those …

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Haneen: My aspiration to create a project that integrates drawing and management

I love drawing and I have a passion for creating projects that require both my talent for drawing and my skills in management and accounting. Amongst all the different scenarios life offers me, my favorite are the ones that require me to encourage and support the people around me. Which …

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Razan: I did not take tutoring lessons

In high school I obtained a GPA of 98.1% in the scientific branch and it was a very extraordinary time in my life. During that time I chose not to take private tutoring lessons as I wanted to challenge myself more than anything. Being chaired as student parliament at the …

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Sha’et: My dream being a doctor

As a child I’ve always pictured myself in scrubs, growing up one day and becoming an incredible doctor that would help others and ease their hardships. Despite finishing Tawjihi with a GPA of 98%, I felt as if I was in a hospital room fighting for my life: would I …

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Alhabil: My dream of easing pain

In the sixth grade I got a low grade in English and it opened my eyes to make a change. I began working on my weaknesses in English and other subjects and earned a GPA of 93%. As for high school, I graduated with a GPA of 98.2%. When I …

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Repeating Tawjihi to fulfill my dream

The details of our home mean a lot to me; it’s the walls that I grew up around, it’s the first place I saw light, the yard I played in and where my dreams developed. During the war our home was demolished and we were forced to move and accommodate …

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Qabaja: A family of educated Palestinians

I come from a humble family that believes education is life, making life a little more challenging. Coming from a family of eight brothers and sisters, four of my siblings are studying to be Dermatologists at Al-Quds University and I am the fifth child inspired to pursue her education. All …

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