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Amany AlSir: The Powerful Student that Overcame Loss

One day during high school, the principle of my school called me while I was doing an English pilot test. The only thing she said is that my family needed me. I went home to my shock: my father had passed away. He was not sick to begin with, he did not show any symptoms of any disease, yet he had a stroke while working.

I was traumatized to hear this. Sorrow was planted in my mother’s heart, rooted in loss and depression. She survived many strokes, serious hemorrhage; Not long after, she was diagnosed with liver, lung, and cervical cancer, and had hysterectomy. At that time, I was waiting for my high school result with a broken heart, and missing joy; I got 95.7% in the scientific stream. I endured my sorrow while supporting my beloved mother in every possible way. I spent sleepless days and nights taking care of her; we laughed, we cried, and I was by her side during all her chemotherapy.

After the loss of my father, we encountered some financial obstacles that impeded my ambition of join university. At that time, I saw a flame of hope: it was an ad for Reach Education Fund. With no hesitation, I applied and luckily got a full scholarship to study Health Science at the Islamic University in Gaza.

I studied for my university exams at the hospital beside my mother, and I managed to excellent grades. During the second year, on Feb. 28th, my beloved took her last breath and left in peace. She taught me how to be strong during my rough times; she taught me how to overcome depression. My ambition is to take a master degree in Palliative care, to help those who suffer from depression to overcome it.

Reach Education Fund has been by my side from the beginning of my journey when my mother was sick, till this day. They always call to check on me and see if I need anything.Iit is more than just a scholarship to me; it is my second family.




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